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size guide

what sup should you get?

Properly selecting an SUP is not an easy task. At Hala, we're always trying to make it as simple as possible for our customers to get on the proper craft for their adventure. Answer these three questions to make sure you end up paddling the perfect SUP for you!


number one

What type of paddling will you be doing?

It is important to know the kind of paddling you intend to do. Hala has 18 different SUPs that fit into 6 categories of paddling. Narrowing down your main use will put you on the right page to pick your new SUP!


number two

do you have previous SUP experience?

The 18 SUPs we offer range from beginner to advanced shapes, specific to their intended uses. Most of Hala's boards are designed to be both stable and responsive. They are designed to set you up for success and to allow your skills to improve. They have characteristics that allow them to be great boards to learn on while having performance enhancements that mean you can take these boards to the upper limits of paddling. We've got your zero-to-hero, one-board-quiver covered and if you’re looking for advanced shapes, we’ve got those too!


number three

are you a small, medium, or large paddler?

Once you know your intended use and skill level, be sure to pay attention to both the height and volume of the models you are selecting between. Longer boards with more volume will be great for larger paddlers and the opposite is best for smaller paddlers. 

Lining Them Up