Hala Gear Fins

About Our Fins

With the expansion of our board line, Hala Gear is offering more fin options than ever before! We’ve taken much of the guesswork out of selecting fins by specializing fin types to models with their intended application. Which is right for you? To break it down, there are 4 center fin types and 4 sidebite fin types offered across Hala’s new line.


The StompBox™ is a patented industry leading innovation available only from Hala Gear that comes standard on our River Series. In combination with lower profile fixed or bite fins, the StompBox™ is your ticket to reduced anxiety when running shallow rivers. When it comes in contact with rocks or the river bottom, this spring loaded fin retracts into the board, allowing the board to pass over obstructions that would normally cause the rider to fall forward (or “Superman”) off the board.

This year we are offering a 9" Retractable StompFin for the StompBox™. The fin retracts to 3.5" to still avoid rocks and the river bottom, at the same time providing the drive and tracking that is necessary in big whitewater. This fin is the future of standing through big water, upriver ferrying, and next level performance. Don't believe us, give it a try and just see what you'll be able to stand through. US Patent 10,046,836

4.5” Gummy Click Fins & 1.5” Low Pro Bite Fins

These fin options are featured on our River Series and Carbon Series boards. Bite fins and the Kumano fin box system (compatible with Hala Click Fins and FCS fins) allow for ultimate customization of your fin setup. Fins offered include 4.5” Gummy Side-Bite Click Fins that offer a degree of pliability if they come into contact with rocks, or 1.5” Low-Pro River Fins (available exclusively from Hala) meant for extra tracking during low water runs in conjunction with the StompBox™.

4.5" Hard Click Fins

Hard click fins are now included with our Surf Series and our boards that are offered with a center keel fin (Carbon Nass-T and Rival Asana). A hard click fin is best for when you don't plan on coming in contact with rocks and are purely seeking drive and performance from your fin setup - think high flow river waves, any ocean break, or touring/racing with a center keel fin in deep water. When paddling downriver, it is best to use gummy click fins to avoid breaking when contact is made with rocks.

The “Unbreakable” Fixed Fins

This lower tech, but higher durability setup is ideal for those who have no preference on their fin configuration. These non-removable 2.5" fixed fins are available this year on the Rival Series as well as the Hala Fame. As the name suggests, these fins are very durable, perform very well in shallow water, and stand up to whatever beating is thrown their way.

Center Fin Box

Our last offering for fin configuration is a universal fin box that comes standard on many paddleboard models across a variety of brands. This is a longer fin box that can accept a variety of fin sizes: 3” Gummy, 4.5” Gummy, 8” Gummy, or 9” Race fins (available from Hala) or any U.S. Fin Box compatible fins. This fin box is ideal for flatwater applications, or high flow SUP racing on rivers where larger fins are necessary for taking the scoop out of your paddle stroke for maximum forward power. This year, we are offering this fin box standard on the Carbon Series and Rival Series.