Rival Nass 2018 Closeout

Hala Nass - Say it fast and you'll get the picture! If speed is what you are looking for, then the Rival Nass is the board for you. The Rival Nass offers the touring shape of the Carbon Nass in an affordable, lightweight, Straight-to-Water package. Featuring a streamlined profile and glide rocker, the Rival Nass ensures the potency of each paddle stroke making this board perfect for fighting headwinds on a lake or for punching through tidal currents. Go for distance, go for speed, with the Rival Nass!

  • Straight-to-Water Package - Aluminum travel paddle included.
  • Fusion Construction
  • 12'x30"x6"
  • Performance-Oriented Touring Shape
  • Glide Rocker for Enhanced Speed Performance
  • 8 Soft Rigging Points
  • Croc Skin Deck Pad
  • Volume for increased stability
  • 1.5" Raised Stomp Pad
  • 9" Race Center Flex Fin
  • Rival Rolling Backpack
  • Compatible with Kayak Seat Accessory
  • Industry-Leading 3-Year Warranty

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