Marina Eichenberger

Marina Eichenberger

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia.

What type of paddler are you? Whitewater.

Where is your favorite place to SUP? The James River in Richmond, Va.

What board are you riding? Radito.

Tell us about your favorite paddling experience: My first whitewater competition: I was competing at RiverRock and I had never competed before. I was against all full-grown women and I felt very out of my element. However, those women were so kind and encouraging, they were so excited when I won third place in the SUP Cross. It was an amazing experience to see how strong and powerful women in whitewater can be and for me to feel welcomed into the whitewater community.

What do you do when you are not paddling? I really enjoy art, specifically ceramics. I am also passionate about environmental causes and I love being outside no matter what I am doing. I also am a little too passionate about my schoolwork at times, but that's a good thing, I think.