Eric Halborg

Eric Halborg

Hometown: Denver, Colorado.

What type of paddler are you? River Surf.

Where is your favorite place to SUP? Bend Whitewater Park.

What board are you riding? Milligram.

Tell us about your favorite paddling experience: Dragondeer was asked to play Bend, OR by Deschutes Brewery for their 30th Anniversary last summer. I packed my Milligram and Hala travel paddle on my back with my guitar in hand and flew from Colorado to Oregon. Got in at midnight and was on the wave in Bend Whitewater park on my Milligram at 8 AM. Surfed till 2....sound check for the gig was at 4 PM and show at 6 PM. So nice to be able to travel with a ripping board on the plane and just check the travel pack.

What do you do when you are not paddling? Play music with my band, Dragondeer.