Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan

Hometown: Lincolnton, North Carolina.

What type of paddler are you? Whitewater.

Where is your favorite place to SUP? The Kennebec River in Maine.

What board are you riding? Atcha 96.

Tell us about your favorite paddling experience: My last weekend in New England before I moved to North Carolina was pretty stellar. A little Maine Indian summer delivered a few days in the 80s with no clouds at all. We paddled a 3500 cfs release on the Dead River which is 16 miles of Class 2-4 rapids. The following day we managed to get 2 laps in the Kennebec Gorge at 5000+ cfs, so big water class 3+ for 4 miles and another somewhere around 3500. Not really wanting to go home, I drove to my brothers house on the coast that night and paddled out to an off shore sandbar/break and surfed for most of the morning.

What do you do when you are not paddling? Ski, hike or climb.