The Industry's First High-Performance Travel Paddle

The Lock + Load™ Carbon Travel Paddle technology and No-Twist™ design delivers one-piece feel with travel functionality.

Hala Gear, the leader in performance inflatable standup paddleboards, has unveiled its newest innovation, the Lock + Load™ Carbon Travel Paddle, a fully adjustable three-piece paddle that delivers the feel of one-piece with the portability of a travel paddle. Featuring LeverLock® technology and No-Twist™ design, the Lock + Load™ is a top performing travel paddle.

Hala Gear designed the Lock + Load™ for SUP athletes and enthusiasts eager for a rigid, stable paddle that fits nicely in a SUP travel bag. The Lock + Load™ connection system is engineered with a LeverLock mechanism inside the shaft to lock out water and eliminate twist with one easy flip of the lever, and a precise, 45-degree shaft angle that reinforces stability and eliminates unreliable pin connectors and clamps.

Hala Gear combined these design innovations with a medium-flex, lightweight, and super durable 100% carbon shaft and tough, seven-ply CFRT Fiberlite™ Grafik blade. The paddle is light, stiff, easy to use, with no twisting and zero rattle. The result is an elite travel paddle that performs like a one-piece.

“We teamed up with the LeverLock team to bring this new concept to life. The new clamp technology puts this paddle in a league of its own,” says Hala Gear founder and president Peter Hall. “There’s no question that this is the best travel paddle made,” he added.

Hall explains that many travel shafts have open holes that allow water to get in, or pin-and-clamp locking mechanisms that twist and are prone to failure. The new Lock + Load solves that problem by anchoring the paddle together inside the shaft.

A similar LeverLock® mechanism is also found in the Lock + Load’s adjustable handle, making it easy to set the desired length for paddlers 5’2” to 6’6”. The unique, watertight feature locks the shaft in place at the appropriate height, with zero risk of slipping or twisting.

The Lock + Load™ Carbon Travel Paddle weighs 1.13 lbs / 512 g and is protected under U.S. patent 8491349. 

Article written by Outdoor Industry Association (OIA).

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