Hala Gear 2020 SUP Preview

Is it fair to claim the global SUP market has peaked? Will 2020 be the year of consolidation?
We absolutely do not think the SUP market has peaked, but we do believe that we will continue to see brand consolidation in 2020.

With events such as PaddleExpo, 2020 pre-books are on the agenda for retailers: what is your marketing story for 2020?
Hala will continue to tell stories of adventure and technology. We will be going in-depth on the evolution of the Hala Atcha board, as a continuation of our 2019 Series Segmentation. The series segmentation is a visual representation of Hala’s origin and pay homage to the rivers we call home. The Hala Atcha is a love letter to the Yampa River, which runs right alongside Hala Gear HQ.

Which SUP categories are performing well for you? (allround, touring, race, waves, river, downwind, foiling… )
We saw a huge increase in whitewater boards this year, likely due to the incredible snowpack received this winter.

Inflatables VS Hardboards: is there a hardboard market for the casual rider or are hardboards the exclusive realm of core riders?
Hardboards are becoming more exclusive to the race/core riders. Inflatables are more versatile with a smaller barrier to entry.

Inflatables: Which new technologies & models are you implementing in 2020?
We will be updating our lineup in 2021, but for 2020 we are expanding further into the surf market and integrating carbon into more of our surf boards.

Should the hydrofoil be seen as a bonus for the SUP market or as a threat, meaning cannibalism of its own audience?
We do not see it as either a bonus or a threat. It just is and we are ok with it.

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