HALADay Gift Guide 2018

Looking for Holiday gift inspirations? We’ve got you covered. Find the perfect give for everyone you love below.

For the First-Timer:

Rival Nass

Built for speed with surprising stability, the Rival Nass comes with everything a new SUPer needs for their inaugural ride: paddle, handpump, fins and travel bag.

Start out on a lake, and then advance to moving water – new paddlers can grow with this multifunctional board.  

For the Weekend Warriors:

12V High-Pressure Pump

Know someone with a 9-5 job, who tries to pack as much fun into the weekend as physically possible?

Gift them with convenience this year. This pump will inflate boards quickly right from the car, saving the time and energy every weekend warrior needs to hit it hard on Saturday and Sunday.

You can say the weekend warriors on your list will be a “big fan” of this time-saver.

For the Flatwater Fisherman:

Kayak Seat

We don’t normally recommend sitting down, but this easy system allows anglers to effortlessly transition between trolling the water, casting a line, waiting patiently (and comfortably), and reeling in their catch.

For the Van-Dweller:

Carbon Straight Up

It’s as versatile as a home on wheels.

Throw it the back of the van or on top of the roof rack, and take it wherever the road goes…

…like the beach, or the river, or that secluded alpine lake they refuse to geo-tag on Instagram. 

For the Off-Grid Adventurer

Lock n’ Load

Backcountry seekers will love this!

The Lock n’ Load paddle can quickly break down into 3 pieces, making it easy to pack into a travel bag or in the trunk of a car.

Exceptional design at an affordable price.

For the Pro on the Go:

River Carbon HS Paddle

Favored by Hala’s athletes, ambassadors, and employees.

This burly paddle provides optimal bracing and maximum durability for high performance on whitewater descents.

For the Tech-Addicted:

Atcha 9’6″

Everyone has that one friend or family member who is obsessed with the latest and greatest outdoor technology. They may call themselves gearheads, but we prefer tech-addicted. Our Atcha 9’6″ features our patented StompBox, a fin that retracts into the board upon contact with unanticipated rocks. 

For the Speed Demons:

Carbon Nass-T

The perfect transition board for someone who races on a hardboard, but wants to try a more travel-friendly product.

The inflatable carbon running from tail to tip integrates the stiffness and performance of a carbon racing board, with the light portable feel of an inflatable.

For the Beach Bro:

Carbon Playa

Make a big splash!

Beachcombers can tour the ocean, surf the waves, or simply sunbathe on top of it (it’s more comfortable than you think!) 

Give the gift of some good ‘ol vitamin sea.

For the Former Kayaker:


We know this is a bit of an obvious gift but kayakers really do love it.

This double-bladed paddle is travel-friendly and can be used standing, kneeling or sitting. Seasoned river runners will really admire the adjustable features on this one. 

For the Quiver Builder:


Versatility is for the birds. These guys and gals own every type of product for each outdoor activity, like skiing, biking, paddling, and surfing

But do they have a park-and-play board? Get these equipment connoisseurs the inflatable surfer they need to round out their collection.

For the Adrenaline Junkie:

7’ Releasable Leash

Safety first!

Featuring a locking carabiner and quick-release shackle ball, you can feel confident that your thrill-seeker will stay out of danger paddling in any type of water.

For the Young Family:


Big enough to hold the whole famn damily!

Strap a cooler on the back, put the kids out in front, then go out and have some fun. 

When family time is over, mom and dad can take this bad boy for a spin down their local waterway or across their favorite (note: quiet) lake. 

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