Clean Run, Have Fun!

Want to push yourself and grow in the process? Try competitive SUP. 

The Vail Town Series this year rocked! We had great weather from the very start, which brought in ladies all the way from Winter Park. It is always way more fun when you have a full heat of women to play with. Every time we jumped off our starting rocks, we individually learned something new and pushed ourselves to higher limits.

Certainly, we would not be where we are today in the sport if we all played against easily defeated players. The players who bring the top performances inadvertently raise your own expectations of yourself, so sometimes when you win, your rival might hold partial responsibility for that W!

Rivals fuel your growth because competition forces you to face and integrate all of your fears and insecurities (the “things” holding you back from success). It is your rivals that will teach you the most in this life!  Healthy competition comes from your own desires that are inspired by other people. Comparison kills creativity and joy and can have huge repercussions if our self-worth is involved. It can also cause us to lose track of our internal guidance system and our own purpose. We start breaking out the measuring stick and sowing seeds for jealousy and envy.

When competing in a SUP race, focus on closing the gap between where you are and where that thing you want is. Let competition be a tool for expansion, not complete destruction – how you wield it is up to you. Just remember: for you to become better, someone else does not need to become worse.

Trinity Wall is a Team Rider for Hala Gear. Photos courtesy of Vail Recreation District.

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